Educational Assistants of Manitoba

There's an EA in every educational TEAM!

Welcome to Manitoba`s only website dedicated to educational assistants in Manitoba.   

We have been a little absent over the last couple of years, but we are still representing EAs in a number of ways.

We still continue to participate in the Red River College EA Certificate Program.  We watch for appropriate PD opportunities and answer questions EAs and other interested individuals and groups.

Pat Lloyd- President       204 275 8101     36-1276OPTH 59  Ile Des Chenes  R0A 0T1


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We are currently not taking any members.  We are looking for EAs to help run the organization.  If you are interesting in helping out, please let us know.


Pat Lloyd - president of Educational Assistants of Manitoba

or the week of February 20- 24, 2012, CBC presented a series on Inclusion with a variety of guests. 

Provincial Document

At long last, the Provincial document has been released.                           

Educational Assistants in Manitoba Schools

The document provides a clear description of the roles and duties of educational assistants.  It's been a long time in the making.  EAMB is proud to be a part of the process.

Code of Conduct

EAMB Code of Professional Conduct.  

Our new Code of  Professional Conduct.  This document is intended to promote respect in our workplaces. Respectful behaviour is to be practiced in order to receive it. We offer Building Respect In Schools, which discusses respect for our colleagues, including teachers and other EAs, students and for ourselves.  Harassment is not acceptable but what does it look like and how can we stop it?  It's not just for kids! Email is today for more information.